Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DC The New 52: Justice League #1 2nd and 3rd Printing will arrive simultaneously!

Anyone who missed out on getting their copies of Justice League #1, fret not. DC Comics returned the issue back to the printer and will release not only a 2nd Printing, but a 3rd Printing as well! However, the big question is: When are they coming out? Well, via Bleeding Cool, we finally know the answer to that... Simultaneously! Both copies will see release on the 21st this month, so be sure to reserve or purchase yourselves one once they arrive! I reviewed the issue already, and if you want to see the presumed cover to the 3rd print, check it here! For more info on the story, visit the source post at Bleeding Cool!

Justice League #1, originally released on August 31st, hits The New 52 scene again on September 21!

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