Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tokyo Game Show '11: Sony reveals Playstation Vita release date and news

After giving a Press Conference presentation yesterday in anticipation for this week's Tokyo Game Show, Sony has laid out new details for their upcoming new portable console and successor to their tried and true Playstation Portable, The Playstation Vita. What was formerly known as the NGP or "Next Generation Portable", has now been given the Holiday Season release date of December 17.

Details about the console have been spread out all over in articles posted in Kotaku after the Press Con, and while the specs have been outlined and featured in Wikipedia, what we do know is that there'll be two versions consumers can pick up in the market upon release; one with Wifi and the other supporting 3G. Pricing of course differs as a result, and while it has yet to get an official release date and price in the west, it stacks up to about $249 for Wifi only and $299 for 3G. Not bad, but still pricey nonetheless. There'll also be different peripherals and various memory cards sold for the device, as well as multiple colored PS Vitas for everyone to choose from, raging from Sky Blue, to Red, and even Gold! Heck, we even a glimpse at how the PS Vita box is going to look like. With HD rereleases of classic game franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Zone of the Enders, and Final Fantasy X confirmed, plus ports of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken, Sony has a lot of people watching and waiting for this baby to come out. There'll be be more announcements for sure since we have a few months left until the Japan release, so stay tuned for more news to be reported as they come.

IGN has uploaded a video in YouTube that pretty much shows what fans can expect of the new portable device's interface once it goes on sale in December. Do check it out and see for yourselves how the touch screen works and what's in store for those who are anxious to get their hands on this little but powerful portable console.

Playstation Vita Interface Demo

Once again, the PS Vita will be released in Japan first this December 17. Look forward to US and European release date announcements very soon!

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