Monday, February 25, 2013

Argo wins Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Film Editing at the 85th Academy Awards!

Argo truly was one of my favorite films of last year, and as a sleeper hit for Warner Bros, it deserves every bit of praise and adoration it gets. The Ben Affleck directed film not only had a great story, but a solid cast and tense screenplay that literally kept viewers at the edge of their seat. It's great to note that with the results of the 85th Annual Academy Awards now out in the open, Warner Bros, Ben Affleck, and the Argo team have taken home Best Film Editing, Best Screenplay, and the coveted Best Picture Award.

In celebration of Argo's victory, here's an Extended Movie Featurette features on YouTube on how this awesome flick was made:


Truly well-deserving and solid win for this flick that I enjoyed and reviewed back when it was released in theaters last October. Congratulations Ben Affleck and the store of a fake film being made during a real life rescue mission.


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