Thursday, February 14, 2013

Iron Man 3: New "Iron Patriot" Character poster revealed

The official Iron Man Facebook page has released a brand new character poster for "Iron Man 3", featuring none other than Robert Downey Jr./ Tony Stark's close friend and confidante Lt. Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes... aka War Machine/ Iron Patriot! Played once again by actor Don Cheadle (who took over the role of Rhodey in "Iron Man 2" after Terrence Howard wasn't cast back for the role), the new one sheet shows Rhodes in full Iron Patriot attire sans helmet, staring sideways amidst an sunset ocean backdrop and looking ready for the worst. The previous Iron Man 3 poster showed the same backdrop, only with Tony Stark/ Iron Man in his Mark 47 armor damaged and falling from the sky!

For an interesting tidbit, the "Iron Patriot" armor concept was based off the character of the same name featured in the comics - except it was a villain wearing the suit... and it was none other than the Green Goblin himself, Norman Osborn, during his tenure as "Director of H.A.M.M.E.R" in the "Dark Reign" age of Marvel Comics. The movie version of Patriot is clearly Rhodes and a hero, and is a step up from his War Machine days (in fact, the Iron Man 3 Prelude series details his armor upgrade given by Tony Stark himself). The concept also looks like a cross between that and Detroit Steel (another Iron Man villain in the comics), so we'll see how far along things have come once Iron Man 3 shows in theaters. For more information and details, visit the source post at the official Iron Man Facebook page!

Iron Man 3 soars back and starts up Phase 2 of Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios' "Marvel Cinematic Universe" come May 3!

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