Saturday, February 9, 2013

DC Comics: The New Flash from JL Beyond, New Batman of Earth 2, and Classic Power Girl returns

New things have been revealed in the DC Comics universe via interviews and solicitations, and it appears that we'll be seeing two new "debuts" in separate alternate universes well known to fans and readers alike.

As seen above, the digital comic series "Justice League Beyond" that spirals out of the Batman Beyond continuity, we'll be introduced to a brand new Flash, in issue #19 of the book that heralds the start of the new "Flash Drive" storyline. The story will be written by Derek Fridolfs, and more details can be found in his interview with the source post at Newsarama!

For the New 52 wave of comics, we're going to see a brand new Batman of Earth-2 make his debut on "Earth 2 Annual #1" written by James Robinson. The stunning cover here by Andy Kubert sees a mesh and amalgamation of elements from Damian Wayne's future Batman costume, Terry McGinnis' Batman Beyond suit, and Kate Kane's Batwoman... But just who is this NEW Batman from Earth 2? We'll find out soon enough come May.

Finally, Power Girl is going back to her best and well-known look in the New 52 universe! Starting on May in World's Finest #12 written by Paul Levitz, she'll be sporting her classic duds "with the window" while partnering with her Earth-2 companion Huntress to fight against DeSaad from Apokolips! More on that story as well as other May New 52 solcitations can be seen at Comic Book Resources!

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