Saturday, February 16, 2013

SPOILER ALERT: Batman Inc. #8 cover hits online early

As a big Batman fan and collector, I enjoy Grant Morrison's run on The Caped Crusader and his new direction on the fight against crime with "Batman Incorporated". Not only does Bruce Wayne expand his reach against the cowardly and superstitious worldwide, but the rest of his Bat-Family and allies across the globe get exposure. The first volume of Batman Inc. during the Pre-New 52 era of DC Comics gave us a good look at how expansive that reach was... Now Volume 2 has sank danger's teeth into the core of Batman and his team... With big repercussions to boot.

That being said, next week's release of Batman Inc. #8 is said to have great ramifications for a certain mainstay Batcharacter and a fan favorite. It's pretty much a solid guess who it was going to be... But surprises could be in store for readers especially after what went down with this week's Batman #17 and the conclusion of the Joker centered storyline "Death of the Family". Now, the same guy who spoiled Marvel's "The Amazing Spider-Man #700" does it again with Batman Inc. #8. BE WARNED. THIS IS HEAVY SPOILER MATERIAL, so look at your own risk.


Via the Twitter feed of one Al Mega, the cover to Batman Inc. #8.

"Robin R.I.P"... And it's very much a tribute to this classic cover by Alex Ross too.

As speculated and teased, something "R.I.P" is going to happen to Bruce's own son Damian Wayne... aka the current and fifth Robin of the Batfamily. Created by Grant Morrison and making his first official in continuity appearance way back in the classic 2006 storyline "Batman & Son", Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, and was raised under his mother's watch and the League of Assassins to become a worthy successor to the Al Ghul name and Batman's heir. His brash attitude and deadly upbringing put him at odds with the moral code his father heavily promoted, but fortunately he turned to the side of light, especially with his tenure as the new Robin behind Dick Grayson's Batman when Bruce disappeared for a time. Now, Father and Son battle crime together, and Damian was cast from the House of Al Ghul by his mother... Until Talia came back with her new organization "Leviathan" and targeted Batman Inc. for revenge.

This cover really spoils the surprise, but it may be a red herring as well. Still, ramifications were promised in the May 2013 Solicitations of DC Comics, so we'll only know what's the real deal when the book comes out. For more information, visit the source post at Comic Book Resources and Bleeding Cool.

Batman Inc. #8 will bring things to a head for sure... And an outcome that may shock fans of the Batman universe. Expect it in shops on Feb. 27.

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