Thursday, July 4, 2013

DC Comics: Damian Wayne returns in "Damian: Son of Batman" this October

Looks like a certain fan favorite "Boy Wonder" who recently bought the farm will be making his return to the DC Comics Universe... Well, somewhat at least.

Announced in The New York Post, Batman/ Bruce Wayne's son Damian Wayne will be returning in the pages of a four issue miniseries this October entitled "Damian: Son of Batman". The new title, written and illustrated by the character's co-creator Andy Kubert, will serve as a continuation of the future Gotham stories where an older Damian eventually becomes the new Batman following his father's passing.

However, this storyline is just a "potential future", and is not confirmed to hit the current DC Universe timeline that is The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Those getting their hopes up since the character's tragic passing on the pages of Batman Incorporated Vol. 2 #8 best reserve their excitement regular continuity wise... But take heart that the son of the Bat and last Robin is coming back in some form or way. For more information, visit the source post at The New York Post.

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