Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Marvel unleashes Wolverine #8 trailer and prepares for "Killable" arc

Timed with the release of "The Wolverine" in theaters this end of July, the next big challenge for Logan waits for him in the pages of Marvel Comics, and tests him in a similar manner that's explored in the Hugh Jackman film... His own mortality.

Times with the release of Marvel NOW's Wolverine #7 this month, a new exclusive Marvel AR trailer for the next big Wolverine story arc will  test the X-Men's most ferocious warrior will show just how bare and mortal he really is when he is stripped of his immortality... Namely, his "Healing Factor".

Wolverine "Killable" Marvel AR Trailer

Come August, prepare for "Killable" in Wolverine #8, and Marvel has released a teaser trailer via their Marvel AR initiative. How will Logan be able to resolve his dilemma and not get killed at the same time?  The creative team of Paul Cornell and Alan Davis explore that concept, and have a detailed interview with Comic Book Resources here for more reading and insight into the matter.

So is Wolverine "Killable"? Find out this August when the arc begins.

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