Saturday, July 27, 2013

DC Comics reveals Batgirl's look & Nightwing's role in the New 52 "Zero Year" story

With Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's latest Batman story arc "Zero Year" going strong with the first two issues and attempting to properly explain the origins of The Dark Knight in the New 52 Universe, DC Comics steps up things in the game by giving fans a first look at how Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon will look during the early years of Batman's career.

Looking drastically different and more on the style of a vigilante crime-fighter in the making, Barbara will be appearing in a very un-Batgirl way in the tie-in Batgirl story that compliments Zero Year, sporting a suit that sees her starting down her path to becoming a fellow winged avenger alongside Gotham City's Dark Knight Defender. According to DC's E-i-C Bob Harris, she'll be forced to defend her home and brother James Gordon Jr. when they're attacked, and through the experience realize her potential to make a difference and protect what she cares for in a new kind of way. The Batgirl tie-in will be written by Marguerite Benett, and illustrated by Fernando Pasarin and Jonathan Galapion. More info can be seen via the source posts at DC and Newsarama.

Other titles will also bring in a "Zero Year" feel to them, including Batman's first sidekick and protege Dick Grayson, aka the first Robin and present day Nightwing. In his own series, the tie in will explore Dick's time a year prior to his parents' death, and see where the "Flying Graysons" figure during the events of "Zero Year". For more on the story as well as Nightwing series writer Kyle Higgins thoughts, visit the source post at Newsarama.

Batman: The Zero Year is currently playing out in Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

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