Saturday, July 20, 2013

SDCC '13: "Man Of Steel sighting"... And something big to come for Warner Bros./ DC Comics in SDCC '13?

It's already been a month since Man Of Steel zoomed into theaters... And now that we're at the weekend point, a lot of hopes and expectations are coming from fans for the next superhero flicks in the next few years, especially with Warner Bros. and their potential shared DC Cinematic Universe.

While everyone's waiting for word on what could come, Warner Bros. Online posted this pretty awesome teaser that's just too good not to share. Check it!

Man of Steel sighting at Comic-Con

There you have it. A "Man Of Steel sighting" at Comic-Con 2013!

What could it mean? Is there something brewing for DC Comics' Superman 75th Anniversary panel, or something BIGGER like the inevitable sequel or perhaps even JUSTICE LEAGUE? We'll just have to wait and see, as the San Diego Comic Con is currently taking the world by storm!

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