Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Justice League New 52 begins in DC Animated Movies with Justice League: War

It's not yet SDCC yet, and not big news comes for DC fans! Looks like this DC Universe Animated Original Movie based on the Pre-New 52 storyline "Flashpoint" is indeed the clincher for the old guard, as the next film to feature the Justice League will indeed bring in the New 52 Universe to the animated movie fold!

Reported by Newsarama and Tweeted by Gary Miereanu/ SuperPRGuy, the first DCU animated film hitting in 2014 after Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox will be called "Justice League: War", and will be based on the first storyline of "Justice League" in the New 52 universe, namely "Origin" by the creative powerhouse team of Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams. The news breaks a few days just before the San Diego Comic Con, and officially ushers in the rebooted DC Universe, which began in 2011, in animated movie form. Miereanu also confirmed that actor Jason O'Mara, who played Albert Wesker in the Paul W.S. Anderson Resident Evil movies, will be voicing the role of the Dark Knight himself... Batman!

For more information on the story, visit the source post at Newsarama.

Looks like DC Entertainment's "GOT THIS". Prepare for Justice League: WAR in 2014!

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Azrael Deasis Coladilla said...

after the new 52 animated
no more hope for old dcu awesome story and saga in comics to land an animated treatment

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