Monday, July 15, 2013

Evo 2013: New Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC and Ultra Street Fighter IV upgrade announced

It's the big time for fighting game fans and players worldwide, as Evolution 2013 brought together some of the biggest and baddest brawlers from around the planet to test their skills in one of the biggest annual tournaments in the Fighting Game Community (you can also watch the stream LIVE while it's going here via Kotaku)

That being said, there's going to be plenty of memorable matches and players when the dust settles and the final list tally comes up, but EVO 2013 also gave rise to some pretty intense announcements, especially with two games I've had the privilege of playing and enjoying as a player myself - Namely Injustice: Gods Among Us and Street Fighter IV.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Martian Manhunter and John Stewart Skin DLC Trailer

Enjoying its first year as a new fighting game entry in the EVO2K series, Injustice: Gods Among Us not only welcomed new combatants and champions testing their skills with the DC Universe brawler from WB Games and NetherRealm Studios, but also introduced a new trailer announcing the newest upcoming DLC Character that fans like myself have been expecting and looking forward to... J'onn Jozz himself, The Martian Manhunter! Plus, he's not alone, as one of the newest skins to be introduced in the growing library of character DLC costume opinions is for Green Lantern... And it's fan favorite John Stewart, complete with voice actor Phil LaMarr reprising his role from the JL/ JLU Animated Series! For more on the story, visit the source post at Kotaku.

Next up is another big DLC announcement for fans of Capcom and Street Fighter. Taking to the stage before ushering in the SSFIVAE Finals, Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono took time to hype up the fans and introduced a 2014 DLC upgrade to the series that features balance tweaks and additional characters.


Ultra Street Fighter 4 Announcement Trailer

And being ported straight from Street Fighter X Tekken, here comes Poison, Hugo, Rolento, and Elena. No news yet on a fifth character that was supposedly coming as well, but keep your eyes peeled. For more on the story, visit the source post at Kotaku.

Expect the Injustice DLC soon and USFIV to appear next year.

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