Friday, July 12, 2013

Godzilla: Viral marketing for 2014 film begins with "Godzilla Encounters"

With Pacific Rim all ready to unleash Giant Robots vs Kaiju in cinemas this weekend, Warner Bros. and Legendary have begun their next initiative in starting the next BIG Monster movie to hit next year... Namely the iconic and legendary "Kaiju" terror of Japan itself, Godzilla!

Set to make an impact next year without any giant robots to stand in its way, the filmmakers behind the new Godzilla film have officially begun the viral marketing campaign for the movie by opening the Tumblr site "Godzilla Encounters" for the general public to sign up and be a part of.

With the 2013 edition of the San Diego Comic Con happening next week and the film very much being a big part of the promotions, the viral marketing is set in the "Real World", and teases the destruction and tension to come with the new movie, which lands on the same year as the Japanese Monster's 60th Anniversary! For more info, visit "Godzilla" and the source post at Coming Soon.

Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, and Bryan Cranston, will be tearing itself into 3D and conventional theaters next year on May 16, 2014.

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