Thursday, August 12, 2010

How A Lightsaber Works...

Lightsabers have always been a iconic piece of weaponry from the Star Wars universe. Used by Jedi and Sith alike, it takes great skill and mastery of the Force to wield the weapon properly and to great effect. In fact, this baby can incapacitate or decapitate foes with one swift blow, and as seen in the Star Wars films, once the saber hits its target, the wound is immediately cauterized to prevent blood and goo from gushing out.

In all my geekery, I have never understood the basics of "How A Lightsaber Works..." until I saw this "Fact and Fiction" sheet from Tech News Daily. For anyone who wanted to delve into the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Star Wars has enriched us for so many years, this is a good start, and for you lightsaber freaks, this is a rare inside look that shouldn't be missed.

Tech News Daily examines the Star Wars Lightsaber Weapon used in the Star Wars universe by Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Jedi Knights and others that used the force to power the light sabers.
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Saw the inside? Now check how this baby works in action in the films with this cool montage video!

Star Wars Lighsaber Montage Video


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