Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mark Millar's Nemesis Has A Film Director!

Any of you read Mark Millar's Nemesis? If you haven't, you're missing out on some of the most awesome and intense s@#$ the writer has done since he introduced The Ultimates and Kick-Ass to comic geeks around the world! Imagine a story where Batman was The Joker? That's Nemesis for you - a costumed vigilante who traveled the entire globe to train and hone his body to kill cops around the world. Call it the reverse Dark Knight if you will, but the first two issues of this mini-sadistic-comic series has me glued on like a kid with his favorite candy treat. Millar's on a role with this comic... and following in the footsteps of Kick-Ass, it's even getting the big screen treatment!

News from io9 and Millar's own Millarworld Forums have just pegged legendary action movie director Tony Scott as the guy to helm the Nemesis film adaptation, and the comic's creators - Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, couldn't be even more pleased about the news. The man who directed Top Gun and The Last Boy Scout will be getting the green light to direct a film where we have a Batman archetype ready to dish it out against the law and kill anybody standing in his way, with guns and explosions blazing. It may sound crazy, but I'm actually very excited, and I can't wait for more details to pop up on the Nemesis movie!

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