Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Official Walking Dead TV Series Trailer!

This coming Halloween, Walking Dead fans and zombie genre addicts in general are in for a very special treat. On October 31st on the AMC Network, the long awaited "The Walking Dead" TV series will finally make its long awaited premiere, giving fans of the Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore comic series something worth "dying for". With just a few weeks left until that point, the official trailer (which was featured in the recent SDCC)has now made its way online to give viewers a taste of the zombie apocalyptic story to come. Check it out!

The Walking Dead Trailer

As you can see, the story takes place in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, where a policeman named officer Rick Grimes wakes up to after being shot and hospitalized in the line of duty. With no clue as to what has happened to the world, Rick embarks on a journey that will test his resolve and place him alongside other survivors who are desperate to escape the hordes of the undead. Fans of zombie flicks like the George Romero Dead movies and 28 Days Later must not miss this one!

Running on six episodes for the first season, The Walking Dead premieres on Halloween!

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