Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Batmen fight crime this November!

Bruce Wayne will return, that's for sure., and he also has a new costume to sport when he comes back and reclaims the mantle of the bat. The variant cover to Batman Inc. #1, as illustarted by artist Andy Kubert, shows what fans can expect from Grant Morrison's new book than just a mere revival of his silver age gear. No, the yellow oval bat costume will have slight modifications to make him standout and look "different" for the new age.

As seen in DC's November Solicits at Newsarama, here's another look at the new costume Bats will wear. Honestly, and as I said before, it will take some time for me to get used to this new look for Batman. It looks like a cross between his Silver Age appearance, Batman Forever, and The Dark Knight, only it's intertwined in a manner that results in a very 90's look, which many people have similarly said about Wonder Woman's new costume as well. Could it be that we are experiencing a resurgence of that era's fashion and style? I certainly hope this is just temporary. Otherwise, the look is decent at best. Let's hope this "next stage of evolution for The Dark Knight" yields pleasant results once the book arrives in November!

Now to the other side of the coin... There are TWO BATMEN.

Yes, it's been confirmed that Bruce's protege and successor, Dick "Nightwing" Grayson, will still maintain his role as the "other" Batman, as seen in the covers to Batman #704 and Batman and Robin #17! That already answers questions and confirms suspicions fans may have had to the meaning behind "Batman Inc." - a Bat-family united and not necessarily limiting the mantle to just one man! Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne will apparently be Batman at the same time, and carry on the fight in their own and unique manner! Of course, this is just too similar to Steve Rogers and Bucky wearing the Captain America uniform during Marvel's Siege storyline, but eventually the mantle was passed to the former Winter Soldier, and Steve now carries on the fight minus shield and costume as the new top cop of the Marvel Universe, Commander Rogers. Anyway, it's nice to see Dick retain his Batman look, and it's more familiar to me since it's still the "Retro" design with a few changes attached to it. At least he can keep an eye on Damian while Bruce goes crusading, hehe.

Batman and his Bat-Family make trends this November!

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