Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Justice League: The Man of Steel connection and JGL (SPOILERS)

Several news bits have dropped for Warner Bros. planned superhero team initiative that is their planned "Justice League" film for 2015, and the latest seems to play connect the dots with two of their movie franchises, one that recently wrapped up and the other starting next year. SPOILERS below after the jump, so read it at your own risk!

A few days ago, news chimed in over Warner Bros. upcoming Superman reboot flick "Man Of Steel", where director Zack Snyder weighed in during an interview that the film would be "On Course" to deliver a Superman that will supposedly connect with the upcoming Justice League film. The report in Slash Film goes on to say that the "Superman" portrayed by Henry Cavill in "Man Of Steel" is acknowledged. Read on the source post to find out more about that one.

I take this next bit of news as a "rumor" for now, but it appears that there may be a possibility that Christopher Nolan's own Batman legacy may spill into Warner Bros. planned Justice League film, in the form of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the much coveted role of Batman. According to a report by HitFlix, the actor who starred in the last Nolan Batflick is set to don the cape and cowl, and possibly appear in "Man of Steel" to bridge the film continuity together ala the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In The Dark Knight Rises (which coincidentally hits home media in November 28 and December 4), JGL plays the role of "John Blake", a cop who deduces Bruce Wayne's identity and becomes a close ally of Batman. Events during the film show that his dedication to fighting injustice parallels his hero's, and the end sees Blake, who's legal name is "Robin", inheriting the Batcave after Bruce disappears and lives a happy life.

Personally while I admire and respect Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an actor, I don't think John Blake (or the TDKR continuity for that matter) should connect with the impending Justice League film due in 2015. Taking founding members into consideration, it should be Bruce Wayne as Batman in the line up, and not a successor character that was pretty much an amalgamation of all the Robins under The Dark Knight's tenure. It's an interesting idea to explore I'll give it that, but I'd rather start fresh and have someone playing the original Bruce Wayne/ Batman character, which I wouldn't mind seeing JGL contending for. For more on the story, visit the source post at HitFlix and Slash Film.

Justice League is expected to be released on the summer of 2015.

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Action Figure Planet said...

OMG! Personally, I prefer that they keep Bruce away from the JL movie. It's hard to connect Bruce Wayne's Batman to any intergalactic movie with the amount of success it has as a story that is well grounded in reality. But I've yet to see how they can ground Man of Steel in reality while incorporating the fantastical elements of the League. Or they could just kill "Robin" in the second movie to set the stage for Bruce's Return :)

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