Saturday, November 10, 2012

Superman voted Greatest Sci-Fi Hero on Film

Good news came for Sci-Fi and Comic Book fans today, as UK website the Mirror listed the Top 10 Sci-fi Heroes on Film... With the late and great Christopher Reeve's Superman coming out on top! Playing the character in the immortal 1978 film "Superman The Movie" released by Warner Bros. and directed by Richard Donner, Reeve's portrayal of Kal-El/ Clark Kent beat out other Sci-Fi main stays Han Solo and Yoda from Star Wars fame, and were subsequently ranked as second and third in the list respectively. Other familiar names included were Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek, and Ripley from the Alien film series.

The full list can be seen via the source post at the Mirror!

Way to go to the one and only Man of Steel himself.... Superman!

Christopher Reeve Superman Tribute

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