Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marvel announces The Age of Ultron

Following their last crossover, Avengers Vs X-Men, which ushered in the Marvel NOW! initiative, Marvel has announced their next big event for 2013, which shall be "The Age of Ultron"!

The big bad robot created by founding member Hank Pym is back to cause havoc for Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the rest of humanity, in what is sure to be another game changer story from the House of Ideas. This crossover was initially teased in the pages of Avengers 12.1/ Avengers #1 FCBD 2012, in which Iron Man sees the return of Ultron and concludes that a battle is coming in which they cannot win.

A liveblog with infoby story archtect Brian Michael Bendis and editor Tom Brevoort is online via Marvel.com. For more details, visit Newsarama.

Prepare for "The Age of Ultron" when it starts March and runs through June of next year.

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