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The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episodes 2, 3, and 4 recap and analysis

Running for almost a month now, AMC's The Walking Dead has proven more or less to be the groundbreaking television series hit that it's promoted itself as. It's not as simple as zombies attacking and surviving the apocalypse. It's become a whole lot more, and things pick up in a drastic way with the episodes following the pilot of the season. This post serves as a recap and analyzation of what's come so far, so SPOILERS will definitely follow after the jump. Read at your own risk.

Before we begin, I think this clip from Episode 2 "Sick" pretty much sums up the entire feeling I get from seeing the episodes thus far since reviewing the first episode of the season. SPOILER ALERT here, but then again, Rick Grimes puts it in a good way.

Rick Grimes: "Shit Happens..."

That scene alone conveys what dire straits and situations Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors are into following 8 months on the road and discovering their new safe haven, The Prison. As such, nothing is ever pretty.

Episode 2, "Sick", picks up immediately after the first episode's shocking conclusion. Rick and his group deal with a traumatic incident within their ranks, and unexpectedly come face to face with another pack of survivors who turn out to be the remaining handful of inmates inside the prison. Naturally, trust is an issue that doesn't come lightly following the zombie apocalypse, and attempts to establish a truce between the two factions is strained at best. In the end, both parties make a deal that provides a resolution, but reaching towards it proves to be a different story.

This episode turns up the heat in a big way. Rick Grimes steps up to be the leader he needs to be in this new world filled with the undead, and as the SPOILER VIDEO above can attest, he'll handle things his way to keep his people safe. The prisoners show that securing the prison won't be an easy feat either, and more blood will be spilt when everything is said and done.

Episode 3, "Walk With Me", shifts perspectives and focuses on the other two heroines of the series, Michonne and Andrea. Seeing a helicopter crash from the distance, the duo proceed to investigate, only to find other men at the wreckage. The girls are soon captured by a very familiar face, namely the returning Merle Dixon. Andrea and Michonne are then taken to the isolated and safe town of Woodbury, where they are introduced to the leader of the community - the Governor. Both are welcomed as guests and Andrea is welcoming of the hospitality, but Michonne's suspicions are firmly held on, especially when all is not what it seems.

This episode shows the long awaited return of Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon. Since we last saw him in Season 1 (and as a hallucination in Season 2), the badass older brother of Daryl is back... And is aligned with The Governor. The new main antagonist of the show is finally introduced and so is his man-made utopia Woodbury. Only time will tell how this plays out in future episodes when he and his community meet Rick and his people.

Episode 4, "Killer Within", brings thing back to The Prison, where Rick and his crew slowly start to build and reenforce their new sanctuary. Unfortunately, trouble starts brewing again from an unknown source, which leads to consequences that the group may never recover from. Meanwhile, Michonne is adamant in leaving Woodbury, while Andrea begins to have second thoughts about leaving the place.

This episode proves the old saying: "Expect The Unexpected". 'Nuff said and no spoilers here.

That's the gist of what's happening with The Walking Dead Season 3 so far, and everything is as chaotic and tense as a herd of walkers invading with nowhere else to escape. If you've seen everything thus far up to this point and are emotionally invested with Rick, Lori, Carl, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, or even T-Dog, then you should definitely be glued to your seats while your watching this particular season. A lot of complaints were made about Season 2, but this definitely picks up the pace and adds a lot of drama. Better tune in now before you regret it, and things are going to be intense from here on out.

The Walking Dead is currently showing on AMC every Sunday.

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