Monday, January 7, 2013

Alien: "Xenomorph" originally from China? A flea market art piece says so

People who have seen the Alien franchise knows what exactly the "Alien" is - an extraterrestrial and predatory species that adapts and survives based on implanting eggs into other species and birthing their own kind to propagate their own race. The most iconic representation of this terrifying space race is the "Xenomorph" -  a large bipedal/ quadrupedal black monstrosity with a huge cylinder like skulls that's complimented by their ferocious teeth and a large spikey tail. Created by Dan O' Bannon and Ronald Shusett, the Alien design is credited to one H.R.  Giger, a Swiss surrealist artist who's work was adapted for the original Alien film in 1979.

However, a new article surfacing in i09 shows something that may dispute that the origins of the "Xenomorph", showing a painting that's much older than Giger's work and originates from China. A blogger named Zhao found a painting in a flea market in China that allegedly belongs to influential Chinese artist Qi Baishi, and it has what looks a lot like Xenomorphs in it too. It's still remains to be seen whether this is genuine or not, but Giger's work is still credited as the original source. Take a look and compare both works by visiting the source post at i09.

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