Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Detective Comics #19 priced at $7.99; Celebrates 900th issue of DC?

DC Comics won't be reverting back to their old numbering system anytime soon after launching "The New 52" universe, but they're doing something close to that to commemorate the upcoming "milestone" that would have been the 900th issue of Detective Comics.

Coming off their solicitations for the month of April, Detective Comics #19 is slated to be written by John Layman, with art by John Fabok and backup story art by Andy Clarke. The issue goes on sale by April 3, and is going to be priced at $7.99!

It's hard to overlook the fact that while Detective Comics #19 isn't going to be called DC #900, it's still got the same price as Marvel's last major celebratory issue, The Amazing Spider-Man #700, which was released this past December 2012. That issue culminated the Amazing line story of Peter Parker, and ushered in the age of The Superior Spider-Man this year. One has to wonder what DC has up their sleeve with this one, but the solicits state that the Dark Knight is going up against the "Mystery of the 900". What that means remains to be seen, but it's pretty obvious why "900" was put there. For more info and details, visit the source post at Bleeding Cool.

Detective Comics #19 will be released on regular ($7.99) and combo pack ($8.99) editions on April 3, and will be 80 pages long.

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