Sunday, January 20, 2013

Modded Warcraft game built from Starcraft II engine

It's the kind of stuff dreams are made of... Especially when it comes to building a classic game from a fellow game's engine.

Via a story from IGN, a team of modders have successfully tried their hand in creating an actual Warcraft game using the Starcraft II engine, recalling the good old days of Real-Time Strategy gaming for the franchise before it ushered in a new age with the MMORPG franchise "World of Warcrft". Entitled "Warcraft: A New Dawn", the game pits classic factions inn The Horde and Alliance against one another, fighting to achieve dominance and supremacy against the other race while maintaining keep and resources to wage battle against each other.

Warcraft: A New Dawn Dev Preview

A Developmental Preview of the build has been uploaded in YouTube, showcasing what may be hope for an actual custom RTS Warcraft game in the future. Check it out, and for more information, check out the source post at IGN,

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