Monday, May 20, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins: Full Trailer #1 arrives online

After showing off a short but sweet teaser trailer of the game featuring Batman duking it off against Deathstroke, Warner Bros. Games and DC Comics have finally unveiled the full first trailer to their upcoming prequel to the Batman: Arkham games, Batman: Arkham Origins!

Storywise, the game takes place in Gotham City during Christmas Eve, where a young and more inexperienced Batman must contend with criminals like Black Mask and assassins like Deathstroke The Terminator who are out to kill him! It was also recently revealed that the "Voice of Batman" Kevin Conroy will return to his signature role, and DLC content for the game will feature Deathstroke as a playable character!

Showing off what to expect in storywise and content, this trailer is pretty long, and clocks at almost 5 mins! Check it out below, c/o from Gamespot (YouTube embedded to follow soon!)!

UPDATE: Via YouTube, here it is!

Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer 1

UPDATE #2: A sweet new Banner Poster from the official Batman Arkham Facebook Page.

Batman: Arkham Origins smashes into PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U consoles on October 25th!

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