Monday, May 27, 2013

Man Of Steel: TV Spot 6 & 7 and "Metropolis Mayhem" game online

As the time draws near for the film's release, Warner Bros. has released some brand new TV Spots, as well as a flash based video game for their upcoming Superman reboot film "Man Of Steel"!
Here are the newly released TV Spots, one focusing on Jor-El as well as Superman's symbol and inspiration from his two fathers.

Man of Steel - TV Spot 6

Man of Steel - TV Spot 7

Also released to tie into the release of the movie is a brand new online game called "Man Of Steel: Metropolis Mayhem". 

The game is played by navigating Superman as he flies through Metropolis, avoiding obstacles and shooting down those he cannot avoid using his heat vision. Play the game by visiting the official website now!

Also, check out the official Man Of Steel Facebook page for more info and details!

Man Of Steel flies into theaters on June 12 internationally and June 14 in the US!

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