Monday, May 13, 2013

Man of Steel: "Up In The Sky" poster, TV Spot #4, and OST Sample online

As the drums beat with just a month away until its release, Warner Bros. has released yet another fantastic looking poster for their Superman reboot film "Man Of Steel", featuring a very solid "Up In The Sky" type flight shot of Supes soaring in the clouds!

Update: TV Spot #4 online with new footage.

Man of Steel - TV Spot 4

For those who appreciated the score by Hans Zimmer playing in the very EPIC Trailer #3, here is the crisp audio piece that was released online a few days ago via YouTube. Excellent piece indeed.

Man of Steel Official OST - Superman Theme by Hans Zimmer

If you want to see the previously released posters, here's "Lift Off", "Flight" poster and banner, "The Cape" banner poster, and the Yahoo! Movies exclusive theatrical poster.

For more information and details, visit the official Man Of Steel Facebook page.

Man Of Steel soars into theaters on June 12 internationally and June 14 in the US.

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