Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man 3: Updates, featurettes, and RDJ appearing in NYC!

As it prepares to open in US Theaters and continues to make a buzz in international territories, Iron Man 3 is trending, with tons of updates and new stuff being chugged out to promote the new film that sees Robert Downey Jr.'s return as Tony Stark/ Iron Man for his third armored adventure in the big screen!

- Above is one of three new posters released by Mondo and done by artists Martin Ansin and Phantom Creative City, as seen and released via USA Today.

- Also revealed by Superherohype, and SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't seen the movie in China, is the extra chinese footage shot and inserted into the cut of Iron Man 3 for the country.

- Here's an interesting explanation and article up from Slash Film on why Iron Man 3 is set on Christmas, coming from the director of the film and screenwriter of Lethal Weapon & Die Hard 2, Shane Black.

- Here's a new featurette on the villain being featured heavily on the posters and promotional material for the movie, and it's none other than The Mandarin, as played by Sir Ben Kingsley.

Marvel's Iron Man 3 - Featurette 4

- And via the NY Daily News, here's a heartwarming footage of star Robert Downey Jr. himself, visiting a screening of Iron Man 3 in NYC and surprising the kids in his hometown!

Robert Downey Jr. surprises PAL kids at 'Iron Man 3' screening

Iron Man 3 is now playing in international cinemas and on May 3 on the US.

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