Friday, May 10, 2013

Batman Inc. ends w/ "Batman Incorporated Special #1" in August

July the conclusion to the epic Batman Incorporated series by writer Grant Morrison with issue #13, but DC Comics plans to end things big the following month by releasing a special one-shot issue that'll be handled by some of the best the company has to offer!

Via Bleeding Cool, IGN has an exclusive look at the cover to "Batman incorporated Special #1", which has the pooled creative talents of regular Batman Inc. artist Chris Burnham, Dan DiDio, Ethan Van Sciver, Joe Kintage, and much more. With the cover acting as a tribute to both the "Superfriends" and Batman's global crimefighting taskforce, the plan is to end Batman Inc. w/ a bang, and Chris Burnham also talks with IGN about stepping up as writer for this month's Batman #11, where he pens while Jorge Lucas illustrates. For more on the announcement and details on the one-shot, visit the source posts at Bleeding Cool and IGN.

Batman Incorporated Special #1 will be released on August 28.

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