Friday, May 24, 2013

Iron Man 3: Unused concept posters released online

Playing for about a month in theaters across the globe, Iron Man 3 has already crossed the $1 Billion mark in terms of box office worldwide, and has become a certified hit for Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. Ushering "Phase 2" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film sees the return of Robert Downey Jr. in his signature role as Tony Stark/ Iron Man, who faces a new crisis that follows after the events of his epic superhero team-up film in 2012, "The Avengers".

Via Cine1 and Enewsi, some apparent unused concept art and posters for the film have come online, which tell the tale of Tony Stark's latest challenge as the armored avenger in his new solo flick.

Some appear to be variations of what has been shown through production art and the first teaser poster of the Stark armory, but the first one above hits closer to home from a similar cover featured in The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #17. Take a look at the comparison.

To see more of the other "Unused Iron Man 3 Posters", check out the source post at Cine1 and Enewsi.

Iron Man 3 is currently playing in theaters.

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