Thursday, May 30, 2013

Man Of Steel TV Spots 8 to 11 and Superman Unchained logo online

Less than two weeks away until it officially flies into theaters, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are rolling out the epic and action-packed promotions for their Superman reboot flick "Man Of Steel" by release not one but FOUR NEW TV SPOTS to promote the film!

Also preparing to hit comic book retailers and shops during the film's release in June is the brand new Superman title by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee called "Superman Unchained", which recently got its logo officially revealed by DC Comics. Check it out on top, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

And now, here are the TV Spots for "Man Of Steel".

Man of Steel - TV Spot 8

Man of Steel - TV Spot 9

Man of Steel - TV Spot 10

Man of Steel - TV Spot 11

Man Of Steel flies into theaters on June 12 internationally and June 14 in the US.

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