Saturday, May 11, 2013

Man Of Steel: New "Flight" Poster, Banner, and "Soldier of Steel" TV Spot online

Prepared to fly into theaters next month at the speed of sound, Warner Bros. has released a  brand new poster for their Zack Snyder directed Superman film reboot "Man Of Steel", showing just how amazing and epic this movie can possibly be.

Debuting at the official Man Of Steel Facebook page, the new one sheet shows Superman flying straight up in the clouds at super speed, with the "S" symbol that stands for "Hope" firmly at the background!

This is similar to the banner poster that appeared just earlier this week, which also shows The Last Son of Krypton flying up in the clouds, but is taken from a scene found in the trailers of the movie.

Also if you haven't seen it yet, here's the new "Soldier of Steel" TV Spot via Comic Book Movie Trailers that promotes not only the film, but soldiers as well.

Man Of Steel - Soldier Of Steel TV Spot

For more information, visit the official Man Of Steel Facebook page!

Man Of Steel soars into theaters on June 12 internationally and June 15 in the US!

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