Friday, May 31, 2013

Machete Kills: International Trailer and "She" character poster debut online

Coming back like the badass he is, Danny Trejo is reteaming with director Robert Rodriguez for another shot/ return as ex-Federale agent "Machete" in "Machete Kills"! 

The sequel to the 2010 film that spun out of a mock trailer from the 2007 exploitation flick "Grindhouse" sees not only Trejo returning, but Michelle Rodriguez as well, reprising her role of "She" and working alongside the badass Mexican once more! To that end, she gets her own badass movie poster too, which can be seen above and courtesy of Superherohype.

For those who haven't seen the teaser trailer yet, here it is from YouTube:

Machete Kills Teaser Trailer

For more information as well as seeing a different version of the trailer, visit the source post at Superherohype.

 Machete Kills is set to be released on September 13, 2013.

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