Sunday, June 20, 2010

E3 2010: Mortal Kombat Gameplay Footage!

It's been another intense weekend thanks to numerous activities, but gaming is still at the heart of things this week, and what probably caught most peoples' eyes is the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, which showed a plethora of titles that's just too exciting to anticipate for the next year. One of them happens to be the best reimagining of a fighter that fans of bloody games have been hoping for... A new Mortal Kombat! As the 9th installment of the series, Ed Boon, one of the legendary creators of the series, and NetherRealm Studios (formerly Midway Games) are set to deliver a new game that takes the franchise back to its old school roots - full of blood, brutality, and action! In fact, Gamespot has gone up to Mr. Boon and set up an video interview that talks in depth of what Kombatants can expect from the new MK, featuring gameplay insights and actual footage from the game to boot! Check it out, and watch out for Scorpion and Kung Lao's fatalities!

Mortal Kombat Gameplay E3 Demo

The new Mortal Kombat, coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360 doesn't have a release date yet. Watch out for more details in the future!

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