Friday, June 18, 2010

E3 2010: Super Street Fighter IV is heading to the 3DS!

E3 2010 is an epic event, and it's full of announcements and reveals that gamers craving for more goodies like a kid looking for tasty sweets at a candy store. Seeing the live feeds and trailers of what's happening over there made me wish all the more that I was actually participating in the festivities, but the news and updates are enough to tide me over... barely at least. Arguably, Nintendo is the highlight again of this year's E3, and that's thanks to its superb line up of upcoming games for the Wii and DS, and the reveal of the 3DS, the company's newest portable gaming system. Several 3rd part developers have already signed up to make games, including Konami and Hideo Kojima, who are remaking MGS3: Snake Eater for the new platform. Capcom is also introducing a brand new Resident Evil to Nintendo's new device, so that's more than enough, right? Wrong. There's another title they're releasing for the 3DS... and it's a portable version of Super Street Fighter IV!!!

That's right, Capcom is actually releasing SSFIV for the 3DS! Capcom Unity spilled the news, and upon reading the article, I was utterly shocked with disbelief. The iPhone already has a port of SFIV on the way, and now SSFIV comes to the 3DS?! Where's the PSP love these days? I'm still on the market for a 3DS, sure, but I'm surprised that Capcom went for that instead of Sony's portable device, which I think was built well to play most, if not all fighting games. Probably we'll be seeing a PSP version eventually (I hope), but this is still surprising news, and the game is tentatively called "Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition". I guess the SF IV series finally made it to a Nintendo platform, and if that's supposed to be initiative for me to grab the 3DS, by all means I will! In the meantime, visit Capcom Unity's post for more info and screens!

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is under development and the release date is TBA.

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