Sunday, June 27, 2010

Superman/ Batman: Apocalypse Is Coming!

Back when it was released last year, Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies was a hit I'll say, and being a Warner Bros Animated Feature, I would expect no less from the guys behind Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited. As an adaptation of the story arc of the same name that ran through the first 6 issues of the comic book series, it wasn't exactly faithful to the source material it was based on thanks to the different scenes and ending, but it still had the punch and charisma so many fans and devotees of the DC Animated Shows have been looking for, not to mention excellent artwork and voice casting that continues to be a trademark success of WB animated features. Now, with so many new projects down the line which includes a new Batman animated movie next month called "Under The Hood", I was wondering what Warner Bros. next DC animated project could be. Well, SuperheroHype gave me the answer when I checked on updates on their website, and it's something I am already excited to see when it gets released!

Yes, Jeph Loeb and the late great Michael Turner's Superman/ Batman story is going to get the animated treatment! Based on the second S/B story arc that introduced the new Supergirl into mainstream DC Continuity, this animated feature will be called "Superman/ Batman: Apocalypse", and will see release for Blu-Ray and DVD on September 28 this year... which is about a year since Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies was released! Can't wait for this one, and it's gonna include a Green Arrow short! If you're a fan of DCAU, you must look out for this one!

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