Friday, April 19, 2013

DC Comics: Meet New 52 Duela Dent... The Joker's Daughter!

Whether this be a tease of things to come or not, this is straight from DC Comics itself. Screaming out of their latest "What's New In The New 52" post in their official website, DC Comics has revealed a drawing of Duella Dent as she would appear in The New 52 DC Universe, sporting a certain Clown Prince Of Crime's rotting face and laying claim to the title of being "The Joker's Daughter"!

For those unfamiliar with Duella's past, she is well known to longtime fans of Batman and the Teen Titans. Suffereing from episodes of schizophrenia, she uses the common alias of The Joker's Daughter, but also went the pseudonym's of being the daughter of Riddler and Penguin, as well as using the bames "Catgirl" and "Harlequin" (not to be confused with fan favorite Harlequin, Dr. Harleen Quinzel). She acted as a member of the Teen Titans in Post-Crisis history, as well as its foil group Titans East. While her identity and parentage remains a mystery in regular DC Continuity, her multiverse counterpart from Earth-3 is actually the real daughter of the Joker in that world, named The Jokester. Her fate was sealed in the pages of Countdown though, where she was murdered by a Monitor.

Now, whether or not DC's drawing here signals her return to comics is still in question, but it offers a glimpse of the possible insanity to come should she be introduced. For more on the story, visit the source post at DC

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