Sunday, April 7, 2013

SPOILER ALERT: Batman and Robin #19 cover reveals... The New Robin?!

After the fallout of the DC Comics New 52 Batman storyline Death of The Family, significant trauma over trust issues and The Joker's attack in that storyline left the Bat Family divided over trust issues with their mentor and father figure, Batman. Things only worsened during the pivotal issue of Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated #8, in which the current Robin and Bruce Wayne's son Damian Wayne was killed in the line of duty. The past Batman issues have since been dedicated to the repercussions of that loss, and how Batman and his allies are trying to cope with the loss of one of their own and how to pick up the pieces after that.

Now that the mantle of Robin is vacated... Who will be The Dark Knight's new sidekick? That question has been left looming in the minds of many... And many hands point to Scott Snyder's little birdie and new character Harper Row, whose been spotlighted in the main Batman title.

But, could it be someone else... Someone familiar? DC Comics and writer Peter J. Tomasi of Batman and Robin may have just opened a new can of worms for fans to dig into, as the cover to this month's WTF April issue of Batman and Robin #19 has been revealed, courtesy of Newsarama and DC Comics.


Yes. Carrie Kelley. The Robin from Frank Miller's seminal and classic futuristic Batman storyline "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns"!

Revealed by Newsarama, looks like a fan favorite character from that universe, officially designated Earth-31 in the old DC Multiverse, is crossing over! How and why this is possible is anyone's guess, but outside of official Batman continuity, Carrie was one of the first and most recognizable female Robins known to DC Comics fans around the world. Her appearance in The New 52 is surprising to say the least... But it now makes for a good reason to pick this issue up!

So, is it really Carrie... Or a purposeful misdirection to annoint another character, possibly Harper or someone else? Do note the fallout also has Batman teaming with his other "extended members" of the Bat Family (as will be reflected in the "Batman and..." titles in the coming months") so it still remains to be seen. For more information on the story, visit the source post at Newsarama!

Batman and Robin #19 comes out in comic shops this Wednesday, April 10!

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