Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wolverine: New "Samurai/ Claw" International Poster cuts online

After two amazing international trailers sizzled up expectations for the film, 20th Century Fox and Marvel further up the promotions for Hugh Jackman's return as Logan with a new international poster for the next X-Men spinoff film "The Wolverine"!

Showcasing two sides of Logan, one unexplored and the other very much familiar, this brand new international poster spotlights Wolverine's eventual training and mastery of the Samurai arts in Japan by wielding a sword, while he sheaths out his deadly Adamantium Claws and furthers his claim as "The Best At What He Does" and becoming a full-fledged warrior at the same time. The film, directed by James Mangold, is heavily inspired by the classic 1982 Chris Claremont and Frank Miller Wolverine miniseries.

For those who haven't seen it yet, here's the recently released International Trailer:

The Wolverine: International Trailer

For more information, visit the source post at Superherohype.

The Wolverine slices into theaters on July 24, 2013!

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