Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thor: The Dark World: First official teaser poster released!

With "Phase 2" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe officially beginning next week in international territories with the release of "Iron Man 3", Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios further up the ante by releasing the first official poster to their second film in the new line-up coming this November... "Thor: The Dark World"! The new poster is looking BAD ASS, with Thor holding his trusty and mighty hammer Mjolnir and summoning lightning with determination!

Returning to the role of the heroic God of Thunder based on the Norse Deity of the same name, Chris Hemsworth once again stars as Thor Odinson, with the new film picking up a year after the events of the first film and The Avengers. Thor's new journey sees him fighting a mysterious old enemy as he races to save the Nine Realms from evil forces at work! The film also reunites him with Jane Foster, once again played by Natalie Portman, as well as his mischievous half-brother Loki, who's played again by the equally talented Tom Hiddleston. The legendary Sir Anthony Hopkins also returns as his father Odin, so it's going to be a grand wait for the new film directed by Game Of Thrones helmer Alan Taylor!

It's also being reported that the first official trailer for the film goes online next week, which also means it'll be attached to screenings of Iron Man 3! For more information, see the official Thor: The Dark World Facebook page!

Thor: The Dark World opens in conventional and 3D theaters on November 8, 2013!

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