Monday, April 8, 2013

DC Comics: Trinity War details revealed; six issue Justice League crossover storyline

Since the revelation of the composite covers that make up three of DC Comics' three Justice League titles for the month of July, a lot of questions have been circling around the minds of DC fans and readers on how the first big crossover event of The New 52 called "Trinity War" would truly play out.
Now, details have emerged thanks to USA Today and Bleeding Cool over what the DC Universe can expect come July.

Beginning on Justice League #22, Trinity War will finally commence, and cross over to two other Justice League titles with Justice League of America #6 and Justice League Dark #22. The action continues with the next issue of the three JL titles the following month. Geoff Johns writes Justice League, and will team up with Jeff Lemire to co-write Justice League of America. Lemire will write solo for Justice League Dark.

In the article in USA Today, Johns describes Trinity War as an "action mystery", with the three figures that form the Trinity of Sin - Pandora, The Phantom Stranger, and The Question right at the center of it. Their roles will figure highly as the three JL factions clash and interact with one another, and only the creative team knows how things will go down once everything is said and done. For more information, visit the source post at Bleeding Cool and USA Today!

Trinity War, a six issue crossover storyline between three Justice League titles, begins on July.

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