Sunday, April 28, 2013

Marvel Movies: Stark Industries Motorcycle on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set?

*UPDATE (4/29): Io9 updated. It's not part of the movie*

Chalk this up to speculation, but it's an interesting update nonetheless!

Via a post from i09, the popculture news website received a message and photo from one of its readers Chris, who spotted a Stark Industries motorcycle on the set of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"! Now, Sony Pictures has the rights to producing films centered around the Spider-Man franchise... But could these be subtle hints that the new Spidey film universe could join and be a part of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe? With Iron Man 3 ushering in "Phase 2" of Marvel Studios' next wave of films, fanboys can only hope something epic could occur!

As it is, the bike was spotted on the New York set where filming is taking place. It could belong to a filmmaker or a fan, or just a random thing appearing on location entirely. Either way it's anybody's guess, so for more insight and information, visit the source post at i09!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into conventional and 3D theaters on May 2, 2014!

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