Friday, April 5, 2013

Justice League film experiences setback, May not get Nolan or Bale; R.I.P Carmine Infantino

Looks like the wheels are turning down for the potential return of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, as Batman-News has reported that the director of The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Batman actor himself may not likely return to work on "Justice League". This marks a sign of setbacks for the big superhero team up flick featuring DC Comics popular roster of heroes, and how Warner Bros. will approach things after and however "Man Of Steel" performs when its released this June.

Earlier reports a month or so ago hinted at the possibility of the two returning with Nolan on a producing capacity and Bale reprising his famous heroic role. Sadly, that possibility was laid down to rest, as El Mayimbe of Latino Review has updated that Chris Nolan doesn't want to ruin the legacy he created with his Dark Knight movies. That's a noteworthy and respectful reason since Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises are self-contained in their own universe, and have nothing to do or don't really tap into the possibility of a broader DC Cinematic Universe either. With that deal not going through, it also looks like Christian Bale won't be donning the cape and cowl again, since he did affirm that he'd only return if Nolan does.

On the matter of the Justice League movie happening, it's looking more than likely that it'll be pushed back more even with whatever happens to the Superman reboot with this summer's "Man Of Steel" (which Nolan is producing). Warner Bros. may go for a direct sequel to that instead of jumping to a team movie, so a film featuring The World's Greatest Heroes from DC Comics will have to wait... For now.

For more on the story, visit the source post at Batman-News!

Additionally, Carmine Infantino legendary comic book penciller and co-creator of DC Comics hero The Flash (Barry Allen) has passed away. R.I.P good sir, and thank you for helping give us a Silver Age and Speed Force to remember with your works in the comic industry.

More on the sad news can be read in the source post in Bleeding Cool.

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