Thursday, April 4, 2013

DC Comics: Zatanna gets New "New 52" Costume change

When DC Comics began the New 52 era back in 2011, several costume changes were implemented and scheduled for many of their recognizable characters. Wonder Woman in particular was going to have pants ala J. Michael Straczynski's run minus the jacket, but fans and readers have been vocal enough to have that change iced and the "no pants look" remained.

Now following in the footsteps of that as well as the other news of Power Girl returning to her classic look, it appears that Zatanna, the famous female magician and member of the Justice League, is getting a costume redux after losing her famous "Fishnets" look in her legs. This new look shown above currently appears in the comic series Justice League Dark, and the fishnets were moved up to her arms (as seen in the pic above).

However, it appears DC has listened to fans' comments and is doing a total new outfit for the magic user.

Thanks to a report from Bleeding Cool as well as a Tweet from DC's own Geoff Johns, here is Zatanna's new look which will be appearing in the pages of Justice League #22.

Yep, the fishnets are back, and there's more. Literally, this is a combo of Zatanna's classic two looks and costumes Pre-new 52.

There's the iconic stage magician costume everyone knows so well (minus the top hat of course), and she also wears a cape with this outfit sometimes.

And here's her Silver Age look, which also appeared in a flashback in the seminal "mind wiping" miniseries "Identity Crisis".

So... Do you like Zee's new look?


Emile Garcia said...

I'm sorry, but I got to say that that this an example of DC again not having enough balls to stand by their decisions. At least in Odyssey, they made themselves an out by saying that things were not what they seem. I really hoped they would stick to their guns more often with the more radical moves. Although I guess in the grand scale of things it's pretty small (it's almost negligible compared to the developments to batman inc.)

Timzster said...

Indeed Emile, but as you know, editorial has been shaky since the reboot, and fan reaction to moves and changes as far as appearances and the timeline are concerned have been mixed. I'm still glad they decided to bring back Power Girl's classic look. That works for me more than anything the New 52 shelled out initially. For Zee, it's interesting and hope it sticks this time.

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