Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brightest Day Tease!

Since Brightest Day began, more mysteries have shown up rather than answers to this storyline that follows after the events of Blackest Night, and so far the ride has been an impressive one at that. Green Lanterns are now back to what they do best, resurrected heroes have a new lease on life, and the universe is safe from the blackness of death. Trouble, unfortunately, has a way of rearing its ugly head again and again, and for those heroes who got a second chance, they still have some "kinks" in their system that remain a mystery until now. Also, nothing is going to be peachy for the foreseeable future, as seeds of another great evil begin to bear fruit and show themselves to the DC Universe. What I'm saying now may sound like confusing if you don't follow Brightest Day, but that's hardly something to scratch heads on, as DC releases this nifty and crazy looking poster, spotlighting some of the unique personalities and "secrets" that may or may not show up during the course of the series!

"Sometimes The Light Reveals The Darkest Secrets..."

Ah yes. Shades of Countdown and Final Crisis come back for the new DC Main Event! What will happen? Too soon to tell, but stay tuned for updates!

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