Saturday, July 17, 2010

FOCUS On The Fight At Hand!

If there's anything about fighting games that I can relate with other people, it's the road one takes to prepare and train themselves for the fight ahead. I just came from a tournament myself this weekend, and I can certainly tell you that moments like these sure take a lot out from you, even before the real fight begins. However, if someone is dedicated to what they like and what they play, that passion carries them over, and fuels them with the energy and concentration necessary to see them through to whatever result lies in the end.

Such is the case with Mike Ross, one of the world's top Street Fighter 4 players. Having won 4th place at this year's EVO Championship Tournament, Mike has proven time and again that he is dedicated to his art and craft... but what exactly does he do to prepare himself prior to the competition itself? That is question that filmmaker Steve Hwang answers as he puts together a documentary that covers Mike's journey down the road - from preparation in the summer to competing in the EVO 2010 Tournament itself. Check out the trailer to FOCUS:

Focus: A Documentary Trailer

Looking mighty interesting alright. I enjoy watching stuff like this, and it gives insight to what dedicated players go through when they play for passion and join a contest. I can't wait to see the whole documentary when it gets released this fall!

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