Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Road Home For Bruce Wayne...

It's a known fact that Bruce Wayne will return to the present time and resume his place as the Dark Knight. However, given the numerous changes and adjustments made in his absence, will the former Batman return to a Gotham City that still needs him?

That's where this new chapter in the Bat Universe comes in.

Via DC Comics The Source, a new story arc will be commissioned by the publisher of the Caped Crusader's adventures that will chronicle just how Gotham and its denizens react to Bruce's return. Entitled "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home", this series of eight one-shot books will see Mr. Wayne as he tries to touch base with those he left behind while he was lost in time, namely his proteges Dick Grayson, Tim Drake Wayne, Damian Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon, Selina Kyle, and a whole lot more. To be written by some of the comic industry's brightest stars, including Adam Beechan, Fabian Nicieza, and Ramon Bachs, The Road Home will be the stepping stone Bruce must take before he can reclaim the mantle of the Bat. Artist Shane Davis will also be present to draw the eight covers for the eight pater, which will connect into one mega cover.

For more info, visit DC Comics.com and The Source. Bruce Wayne: The Road Home hits this October!

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Anonymous said...

I want, wish, hope, demand that there be a Cassandra Cain in there. She let up her cowl because of his absence after all :(

Also, I'm not so sure I want him home right away. I'm really liking the Dick/Damian pair as it is, and how many elements of the Batman/Robin mythos have been redefined. :3

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