Friday, July 9, 2010

They call him 'Machete'..

Machete Grindhouse Trailer

Back when I saw Grindhouse in 2007, this little faux trailer packed along with the first feature, Planet Terror, completely boggled my mind and had me excited for something that was made not to exist as a film. However, due to the fans reactions and praise, the fake trailer got the green light to be made into a feature film, and it's going to premiere later this year!

Yes folks, legendary Mexican actor Danny Trejo, who just recently appeared in Predators, is back, taking the spotlight and reprising his role as the blade wielding renegade known as "Machete". Check out the trailer to see why you don't want to mess with this dude.

Machete New Trailer

To sum things up for those who don't know the score, Machete is the story of a former "Mexican Federale" who is setup and double-crossed by a local businessman who hired him to do a hit on a U.S Senator who is deporting hundreds of illegal immigrants. Shot and left for dead, Machete is nevertheless able to evade the law hunting his back, and makes preparations to get back at the men responsible for putting him in a bad light. They just @#$%%3 with the wrong Mexican.

Opening in theaters this September 3 and directed by Robert Rodriguez, Machete stars Danny Trejo, and co-stars Cheech Marini, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson, Rose McGowan, and Steven Seagal.

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