Thursday, July 15, 2010

DC Comics Makes Trails In The Coming Months Ahead!

The San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us in a few weeks time, and a lot of comic related news is already leaking in the windmill. From the events happening inside the pages of the books we love reading to film related news on movie adaptations on characters we know and love, there's a lot to expect and hype about SDCC 2010. Fortunately, some of the early birds in the comic industry decided to pop up some unique bits of news these past few days, and among them is none other than the publishers of the World's Finest and the Justice League - DC Comics!

Celebrating their 75th anniversary this month, DC is going strong with their events held in an epic scale. With Blackest Night concluding just a few months ago and Brightest Day shining a bright light down the road, there's a whole lot of content to expect well into the next year, especially with a certain Dark Knight returning from his journey throughout time. I'm sure we'll find out more about these stories in the coming months eventually, but first, here's a bit of teasers and announcements made in DC's blog The Source that I wanted to share to the comic crowd!

 Since becoming a regular talent in DC, artist David Finch has been on a role, showing his strength as a magnificent penciller who can draw mean and imposing covers in books such as Batman and Brightest Day. Recently, the artist who captured my attention with his works in Avengers and Moon Knight for Marvel Comics has finally done his first interiors in DC... for Batman #700 no less! I can't tell you how long I've waited to see him do his stuff for the Dark Knight, and although he shared the spotlight with several other artists, his work on the last few pages were impressive. That must have been part of the planning process for DC, because not only are they giving him a future Bat-title to draw on this November... He's also gonna write it!

That's right, David Finch is now joining the writer/ artist club alongside Tony Daniel and J.H Williams, as he's going to do a Batman book solo. Titled "Batman: The Dark Knight", the new ongoing series will explore a much more grittier and darker atmosphere that the caped crusader is not usually accustomed to. Dark arts, magic, and demonic entities are involved, but being the world's greatest detective, Batman always finds a way to solve the case and win the good fight... no matter what it takes. This I'm really looking forward to, and you can read more about what to expect in the post over at The Source!

In more Batman related news, Tony Daniel, another writer/ artist who has done exceptional work in the regular Batman title, is going to stick around and continue what he started after he and writer Grant Morrison finish their two parter story arc chronicling what happened to Bruce Wayne/ Batman during the interim between Batman R.I.P and Final Crisis. Yes, in Batman #703, Tony Daniel is back to pulling off double duty for the Bat, so expect for epicness from him soon! Read more from The Source here!

Next, in Teen Titan related news, new writer J.T Krul and artist Nicola Scott will be taking up the helm to do the monthly adventures of DC's prime young superhero team, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the new creative team, there's an old face rejoining the Titans' ranks as well... but it's a completely new member inside and out. Who am I talking about? Take a look.

Yes. Damian Wayne. The New Robin. The newest member of the Teen Titans! Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, the son of the bat will be stepping in and joining the Titans, who have been missing a Robin since Tim Drake left to oversee his responsibilities in Gotham and search for his mento after Bruce Wayne's disappearance. Knowing Damian, he's a dark and unpredictable Boy Wonder not to be trifled with, so his teammates better get to know him if they want to escape unscathed! This begins in October with Teen Titans #88! Watch out for it, and read more info here!

That's pretty much it for the heavy news that hit me from DC... But wait, there's one more thing!

The return... of the Black Lanterns! Looks like the dark undead past hasn't escaped from the resurrected heroes seen in this pic yet, and if David Finch can draw a mean cover like this, there's no telling what's in store next for the future events in DC! Can't wait!

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