Monday, July 12, 2010

John Foo, aka Jin Kazama, Is Coming To The RP!

This bit of exciting video game/ movie related news came a few days ago when I chanced upon the Entertainment section of the PhilStar, and since it's related to one of the fighting games I enjoy playing from time to time, I just needed to share it!

Actor John Foo, who will be playing lead character Jin Kazama in the Dwight H. Little directed live action movie adaptation of Tekken, will be coming the shores of the Philippines to grace the movie's premiere on July 24! An English actor and a practitioner of Wushu , John was recently seen as Ryu in the popular short film based on the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter Legacy. He also starred in several other action films, namely alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme as one of the first gen soldiers in Universal Soldier: Regeneration, and with Christian Bale as an uncredited League of Shadows warrior in Batman Begins! He also demonstrated his Wushu skills in the Tony Jaa starring action flick Tom-Yum-Goong, credited on his full name as Jonathan Patrick Foo. With a resume built up like that, John is clearly on an action movie roll here, and his role as Ryu in SF: Legacy remains one of my favorites, which you've got to check out here if you haven't yet. Take a look:

Street Fighter: Legacy Short Film

Now, check out the trailer to his next major picture - Tekken!

Tekken: The Movie Trailer

With his new movie set to appear on theaters this August 3, catch John when he fights the battle of the Iron Fist in Tekken! For more info on the actor, check out the newslink via PhilStar!

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Azrael Coladilla said...

omg omg omg omg!!!
and i didnt know na sya din yung nasa sf legacy!!!

i just saw the poster sa moa
and next picture na ang tekken movie
and im on the search kung kanino movie distro may hawak nito

omg..i must monitor this news..
tnx pre!

sa tumblr na reblog ko pa nabalitaan ito blog mo ehehehe

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